Deposit $100 and enjoy a Free Trade Loss Voucher


Upgrade the Vantage FX App to version 1.4.2 to participate.



Deposit $100 or more, and a trade rescue voucher will be issued to your account immediately.


Find Your Voucher

From ‘Profile’ – ‘Coupon Management’-‘Cash Voucher’, and  it has 30 validity days. Please note only one of order from the last 30 days can be rescued.



If you want to rescue your trading loss, go to ‘Profile’- ‘Coupon Management’ and tap ‘Redeem’ *T&Cs apply



Redeem Rewards

Select the order you want to rescue from the drop-down menu and tick it. The trading loss up to 20 account base currency will be rescued. The trading loss will be credited to your balance as cash adjustment .

How does the promotion work?

  1. The client can opt-in the promotion by making an initial deposit of at least 100 units of the account base currency (e.g., 100 USD, 100 EUR, etc.) via the Vantage FX App, and a “Trade Loss Rescue Voucher” will be issued to the client’s account automatically within 24 hours. 
  2. The client can find the Trade Loss Rescue Voucher under “Profile”-“Coupon Management”- “Cash voucher
  3. To use the voucher, the client can tap “Redeem”, then select one of the orders he/she wants to rescue from the drop-down menu. The trading loss of the selected order will be written off.
  4. The written off of the trading loss of the selected order can be found under the “Balance” within 24 hours after the trade loss voucher has been redeemed. 
  5. The maximum trading loss write-off is 20 units of the account base currency (e.g., 20 USD, 20 EUR. If the account is denominated in JPY, the maximum written-off amount is 2,000 JPY). 
  6. Only orders within the previous 30 days can be rescued. 
  7. The Trade Loss Rescue Voucher will be expired in 30 days since issued. 
  8. Each order can only be rescued once.
  9. Only the trading loss of the selected order can be rescued. Swaps and Spreads are not included in trading loss.