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Check the market direction and make your prediction of whether today’s product will rise or fall.


Get Results

Check your results after the market close. If you win the vote, a reward coupon will be issued to you automatically. *T&Cs apply  


Redeem Rewards

To view your coupon: Tap Profile> Coupon Management and follow the instruction to redeem it.

How does the promotion work?

The client can only opt in to the promotion on the “Bullish or Bearish” promotion page. 

During the promotional period, clients can have one entry per trading day (GMT+3), . The client cannot amend the choice after his/her vote has been succussfully submitted. 

The vote will be based on a single product. 

If T is a trading day, the vote is open to the client from the market close time +1 hour of the T-1 day, and the vote will be closed to the client until the market close time-2 hours of the T day.

For example, SPI200’s trading time is 02:50-9:30(GMT+3) and 10:10-24:00 (GMT+3), Monday to Friday. If this Tuesday’s voting is on SPI200, the vote will be open to the clients from the market close time plus 1 hour, which is 01:00 (GMT+3) of Tuesday, and voting will be closed until the market close time minus 2 hours, which is 22:00 (GMT+3) of Tuesday. 

If the price of the market open is higher than the price of the market close of the trading day, the outcome of the vote is defined as “rise”; otherwise, the outcome is defined as “fall”. If the price of the market open and market close remains the same, the outcome is defined as “rise”. 

The outcome of the client’s vote will be decided approx. 15 minutes after the market close time of the product. 

The client can check his/her vote result in “My rewards” section of the promotion page. If the client’s vote wins, a reward coupon will be issued automatically. It will be found from “Profile”-“Coupon Management”. The coupon will have its own T&Cs labelled on the coupon. 

If the product of the day is suspended from trading, the promotion will be suspended accordingly.